When You Don’t Know Where To Go

Where do you go when you’re disoriented?

You know, those moments or seasons that cause life to spin out of control.

Things were going fine, when all of the sudden

you got the news

he broke up with you

you didn’t get accepted

she died suddenly

you lost your job

or your keys, or your wallet, or your cellphone,

or just got lost, lost downtown, at sea, in Mirkwood, in the wilderness, in the dark,

or in outerspace

Yes, even times like those.

We get frazzled and frantic. We become anxious and easily annoyed. We feel frustrated and fired up. Dizzy. Chaotic. All that was certain becomes confusing. Life as we knew it, is replaced with something we don’t know.

We don’t know how to navigate,


piece together,

or recover.

The routines and norms get disrupted, leaving us tangled in the unfamiliar territory of the unknown.

So where do we go?

When life feels like this…

One of the writers of the Psalms of the Bible tells us to

call out to God in our desperate condition.

The only thing we may know how to do…call out. Cry. Yell. Groan. Pray.

Whether you believe in God or not, whether you’re wandering from Him or to find Him. Whether you’ve been disoriented for a while now, or fresh in the thick of it. His heart longs for the wandering to find their way back in Him. He knows the way, and has, in the words of my friend, Mari the Werewolf, “mercy and manna” for us, one day at a time.

As one wanderer wrote to the rest of us,

By your words I can see where I’m going;
    they throw a beam of light on my dark path. {Psalm 119:105}

We tend to believe that the Bible is full of heroes and great feats of faith. It’s more a narrative of disoriented people, like–










and even Jesus–

who found their orientation in God, in His word, His light, His redemption, His voice, and His presence.

Wandering sets us up to encounter God too.

We all get disoriented sometimes, what or who will bring you back?


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